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I do not own any pictures, fonts, Backgrounds, favicons,cursors or anything else on this blog unless stated or watermarked, the banner was made by me of course as well as this theme, the coding is mine and anyone caught with it will be reported and suspended from tumblr immediately.
Hello everyone, I'm Cindy and these are my themes, you are more than welcome to use my themes as long as you keep credits on the blog,whether in the links or faq, credit must be given. xoxo Cindy.
Hi. i love you *-* and thanks for the themes. Could you give me the code of this link? vanillatheme74, The code of page is down. Thanks. <3

Here :)

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Yes, but I'd like it to be in the center of the square. Not just in the center but also in the middle. I don't really know how to expain it :C

If you do that there’s two things that will happen to the birds:

1. The birds will shrink and look small.

2. The birds will be shrunk to a point where it looks too long or too short and it looks wierd.

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&& what are the icons used for?

Depends what kind of icons are you talking about.

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Oh yeahh and how can you do the whole font things im really not good at that stuff? I tired reading HTML but i just figure it out. I messed my blogg by just messing with it ? Can you help me pease?

I’m not sure what you’re asking of me.

But to add fonts:

Just copy the code of the font you want to use and paste it after the <style type=”text/css">.

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If i put like a twitter or instagram badge on one of your themes will it show && will it be a good place to put it so it shows ?

Well on the theme you’re using now, It looks great on top rather than in the description and the twitter has a code where you can add a widget on the ride side of the blog so it’ll look awesome there! I love what you did to the theme, I love PINK!

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Hey, I'm using theme 61, and I was wondering if there's anyway to change or add a background image?

You’re not using my theme anymore 

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Hey Cindy, I'm using your theme 77 - Violet. However, I edited a little, only for personal use (like bubble tab, fonts, etc). My question is, how can I center the description? It looks messy on top, and I have no idea how to put it in the center of the picture. Thanks xx

Your Description is centered.

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Theme 78: Geneva

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Heya! please i'm trying to make a network but i can't find any good themes to fit it and i just want to know if you could please make me a good one :D

I don’t take requests hun, sorry <3

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how do you change the profile picture for your theme 66?

I see you figured it out  darling!

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